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Why Slider And Category Banners Are Important For Your Website

Why Slider And Category Banners Are Important For Your Website

Why Slider And Category Banners Are Important For Your Website.

Using slider and category banners can improve your website’s User Experience.

Therefore if done by a professional, it will boost your website ranking and drive more sales to your business.

Banners, mainly on your home page could be a game-changer for your business. Another trending banner type is masonry grid banners, this is when a grid of banners in different sizes is displayed.

What is a slider banner/category banner?

A slider/category banner is a graphical display of images and text to push instant engagement with your website visitors.

Slider/category banners are primarily by e-commerce stores.

Essentially they are majorly used to enhance promotional campaigns for products or services.

Slider banners signify a means of introducing combos, discounted sales, specific products, and much more. Category banners take users to designated pages and collections, making it easy to shop or surf without using the menu.

Additionally, a good banner will fine-tune and display your marketing message.

Several websites lack the use of having a banner for products on home pages or categories.

However, the complex nature of including a banner on your website involves determining the colour, images, text, and space management.

This complexity does not counter the factuality that banners make your website’s products or services sellable.

Now all you need to do is get the right designer to work on this for you.

Here is an example of a masonry category banner design we laid out for Vape Brand!

Dr Vapes Slider And Category Banners

As you can see with a Fullscreen space, 4 banners of different sizes stand as different calls to action.

Here is an example of a slider banner for a Furniture Shop.

Why Slider And Category Banners Are Important For Your Website complx.co

There are arrows on both ends as well as carousel circles to show how many slides there are.

In addition to this, users can choose which slides to view.

Next, is an example of category banner designs for a book store. 

Why Slider And Category Banners Are Important For Your Website

The category banners resemble best-selling book collections.

When users scroll on the homepage, they can click and directly buy from the products the banner takes them to.

This saves an incredible amount of time, from searching on the menu to filters on the product page. 

Furthermore, let us examine further the importance of slider banners and category banners. 

See more examples of our work

Important Of Website Slider and Category Banners.


  1. A banner will convey more information in one spot 

Just before you decide to use a banner, there are several questions you might want to ask.  

What do you want the slider banner to achieve for your products?  

Do you want the banner to promote a new product or set of products? 

Is the slider banner for a group of portfolio products or services?  

Regardless of what the slider/category banner will achieve, it will promote your product or services because everything will be in one spot.  


  1.     Slider banners improve website user experience.

The slider banner can trap visitors in a single spot.  

Everything that your visitor sees or needs to know is on the slider banner.  

The implication is that it makes the search process easy for site visitors.  

The slide/category banners will keep them glued to your website.  

This is because the content will enable them to decide if they should take action on your products or not.  


  1.     Slider and category banners are visually appealing. 

One interesting about banners is how appealing they appear to be.  

Sliders and category banners are pleasant to see.  

A well-designed banner is always the significant element website visitors encounter when loading a website.  

However, they are very effective as they create an impression on users in every aspect. 


  1.     It is the fastest way to engage customers. 

Sliders and category banners are perfect for engaging users from their first access to a website.  

Slider banners are the quickest way to show your online user’s promotions on products or services.  

Whereas it will improve sales further and increases your business revenue.

In Summary

In conclusion, banners give first impressions among eCommerce store visitors.  

Slider banners should be placed in strategic positions for visitors to see.  

Whenever a visitor sees a slider/category banner, they make decisions immediately after seeing what the banner offers.  

However, as a website owner, you should try different slider banner designs to get a positive impression and improve sales.  

Lastly, remember to not overuse the number of slider banners, most users won’t scroll past 3-4 of them. 

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