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eCommerce website Consultations


eCommerce website Consultations

Consulting you on your journey – Hiring our service of being your website eCommerce consultants means that we’re on the same page and same team. We discuss your company’s vision of how users interact, conversion rates, and curating a seamless website, functional for every person that surfs it. See more info here on this service

Website Audits


Website Audits

Making small decisions for HUGE growth – Auditing a website is important regardless of whether or not you’re currently hitting objectives from your eCommerce store, or close to achieving them; our eCommerce website Auditing service is worth considering if you truly want to make a difference for your online store. See more info on this service

Web design & development


Web design & development

Developing/Creating a website We specialise in designing unique & contemporary eCommerce websites for our clients. As eCommerce specialists here at complx.co, we use our digital expertise to bring your vision to life. We work with you to create your ideal website. Click here for more info on our web design service.

Website redesign


Website redesign

Redesigning & revamping your website – If your competitors are keeping polished up in the game, then why aren’t you doing the same? You’re at the right place! As eCommerce specialists, we provide website editing and revamp services to polish up your website’s functionality and design. See some jaw-dropping facts about web redesign here

Website maintenance & fixes


Website maintenance & fixes

Maintaining and fixing your website – From time to time, our clients get extremely busy and lack the time and skills to give their websites the attention it requires. Our web maintenance service allows our tech team to take on the responsibility of maintaining your website as well as keeping it up-to-date. Click here for more info on our web maintenance service.

Website management


Website management

Managing your website – Instead of stressing and wasting your valuable time on trying to do everything, why not leave the efforts of uploading products, updating the blogs and doing all of the tech-savvy and time-consuming work to us? See here on how web management can benefit your venture.

Graphic design & print

We design astonishing and contemporary graphics designs for your venture’s branding and marketing purposes.

If you’re looking for digital designs such as website banners and logo designs or print marketing such as business cards and flyers, then check out our portfolio or contact us today for a quotation.

Email Marketing

Sending those weekly newsletters – Trust is the most important element of doing business with your customers, so what are you doing today to build trust?

By being in front of and ‘closer’ to your customers more than your competitors, you establish yourself as the natural choice to engage with. Contact us today for a quotation.



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