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eCommerce Website Audit

Our eCommerce audit service is very common with our website redesign service.

The only difference is that the Audit is on a broad scale on whether your website needs huge differences or minor tweaks for polishing up.

Whether or not you’re currently hitting objectives from your eCommerce store, or close to achieving them; our eCommerce website Auditing service is worth considering.

eCommerce Website Audit

This service consists of 3 main areas for improvements on your website:

    1. The website design and aesthetics
    2. The functionality of the website, practically looking at it from a consumer’s point of view.
    3. A detailed analysis covering conversion rates, abandoned carts and mobile responsiveness.

Our Audit service covers a minimum guarantee of 10 vital improvements for your site and is priced at £500 with a turnaround time of around 4 working days.

This only includes the points to improve on your site, in case you’d like to make the amendments yourself, or if you have an in-house designer already.

On the other hand, we can quote you separately for us to carry the points out for you.