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eCommerce Website Design

Your website is representing the purpose of your venture. In other words, your ‘why’.

This is our formula of design and functionality.

Whatever you want your website to do for you, complx.co will combine ideas collectively and turn them into an astonishing reality and beyond.

The main focus of eCommerce website design is keeping your online presence credible, secure, and scalable.

However, the target for your website may be for something else; such as converting high sales or acquiring serious clients and partnerships.

Therefore our experienced team of web designers & developers will be ensuring that it matches your end vision.

Here at complx.co, we aim to place user experience as a predominant guideline to ensure your website is eye-appealing and simple to use.

This includes the customer journey on a mobile or iPad to boost strong and curated responsiveness, thus allowing users to find what they want in the most seamless way possible.

We’ve been working on many eCommerce website designs that have taken many businesses from nothing to something.

In essence, we use trending functionalities from beginner level to advanced, addictive user techniques for reputation and brand strengthening in order to accomplish goals such as keeping an existing customer base & scaling on the newcomers.


A Process That Is Thought To Be So Complicated, Is Actually Quite Simple When You Look At Our Magically Simiplified Process

Find A Common Ground

We’ll outline exactly what needs to be done, iron out any grey areas and get a quotation and timeframe set in place.

Under Construction

Hooray, the work begins and we gather as much content from you as possible. We’ll keep you in the loop when necessary.


A shared end vision results in a shared end product. So, get ready to launch!