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Website Maintenance – From time to time, our clients get extremely busy and lack the time and skills to give their websites the attention it requires.

That is why we recommend this service, which allows our tech team to take on the responsibility of maintaining your website as well as keeping it up-to-date.

complx.co’s maintenance service targets the use of continuously updating and improving your site’s overall performance, ensuring your website isn’t affected from security, hacking and spam.

Website fixes are required in between maintenance or in general when it comes to your website’s health.

Whether it’s a simple PHP update fix or a major issue within your site; we’ll be sure to identify the problem and resolve it quickly.

In addition to this, no issue is too small or too big.

Hence why you only need to focus on what’s more relevant to you.


Website Security Checks
Responsiveness & Framework Checks
Website Security Checks
Website maintenance service complx.co
Monthly Backups
Image Optimisation
Analytical Security Extras

You can opt-in to this service whenever you feel like you’re in a position to have your website maintained.

The main reason why we push this service to existing and new clients is to focus on the importance of keeping your site healthy and virus free from hackers and other nuances in the digital world.

We’ve seen many businesses and individuals regret not having such a service, especially when a site goes down or malware needs to be removed from the site; thus affecting business for a few days and sometimes a week!

Please note that this service is billed monthly on a direct debit, usually at the beginning or end of each month before proceeding to the next, in advance.