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Why Logos Are Important For Your Brand

This blog will give you insights into why logos are important for your brand.

A logo is a digital design of your business or brand. They are mainly found on websites, print marketing and social media.

Logos are the foundation of your brand identity:

Firstly, a logo’s key purpose is to represent the brand.

Secondly, it reminds consumers of their experiences with the products or services they receive.

Logos that are visually appealing will also help generate more consumers to check out your brand.

Your logo translates onto all of your branding material, from your product and packaging to business cards, leaflets, landing pages etc.

Here are three examples of what makes a successful logo:

  • Creating a unique and recognisable logo that customers can identify and remember.                                          

 A unique logo means that your consumers will be able to instantly identify your brand when advertised.

Once your logo becomes recognisable, it starts attracting different customers.

The colours, icons and fonts you use in your logo become rememberable by consumers.

Two examples can be Mcdonald’s with its Yellow M and Amazon with its font and orange arrow.

  • Your logo should appeal to your target audience more than your competitors

A successful logo will symbolise the meaning with which your audience will identify.

It explains its core values through a symbol.

An example of this is the ‘Nike’ logo which derives from the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

A brand that symbolises victory means it will draw in more customers, alongside a true purpose behind the art.

  •  It’s important to keep your logo design minimal 

A minimal design means your logo is easier to identify.

This means your logo will become more recognisable and easier to remember.

However, being minimal doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

It just means to keep clutter to a minimum, you can have artwork in the near future than can express more designs.

The biggest brands known to man have minimal branding and logos. Apple and Adidas are stellar examples.

Here are some examples of our unique logo designs:

AV Associates Logo complx.coSeoul Bowl complx.co logo

The logos are kept simple yet still tell a story and represent the brand values.

AV associates instantly give away a corporate feel from the fonts and colour scheme used.

Seoul Bowl has a smooth touch and instantly represents Asian food within the logo.

They are both niche and to the point

It’s important not to have too much going on as it can leave consumers feeling confused about what your brand is exactly.

Customers may even fail to recognise a logo on multiple occasions.

Why the colour of a logo is important

Choosing the right colour can highlight your business’s strengths and help you attract the right customers.

Also, the wrong colour or combination could have a reverse effect.

It’s important to choose a colour palette that differs from your larger competitors if you wish to stand out.

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