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7 Ways Your Website Can Build Trust

7 ways how to build trust on your website

7 ways how to build trust on your website

This blog will help you to understand 7 easy ways how to build trust on your website.

As a business owner, you already know how important it is to build trust with potential and current customers.

You may be wondering if a website builds trust, the answer is 100% yes.

Whether you already have a website or not, these tips will assist you to understand what your website can do to establish trust for your customers.

1. Use a professional-looking design that is easy to navigate and read.

website design for trust complx.co

It only takes 10 seconds for a user to decide if they trust your company based on design.

Allow customers to trust that your business is set up for success by having a website that looks & feels professional, clean and easy to read.

You want potential customers who visit your site to trust you from the start.

Many of them will base their decisions on appearance and functionality alone.

To name the basics, a trust-building website design includes: 

  • A simple layout with appealing graphics or photos
  • Concisely written copy with good use of grammar and punctuation             
  • Consistency – Written copy, branding and colour schemes are set out consistently throughout every page on your site  
  • Seamless navigation – Your visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for immediately after landing, without getting distracted by overpopulated info, buttons and advertisements.

Now that you know what trust-building design looks like as well as how it works, there are some further ways you can help establish trust with customers.

2. Make sure your contact information is prominently displayed & easy to find 

trust contact complx.co

Customers trust businesses that make their voices heard and respond to concerns.

Clear contact information is vital for building trust with new and existing customers.

Your website needs to provide clear, easy access for visitors looking to reach out in any way possible.

This could be via a phone call, email or social media.

This will usually be placed around the header or footer of your website, as well as of course, your contact page.

A live chat feature on your website would be ideal to respond to small enquiries to live users before they turn into warm leads or buying customers.

We’ve all been there, trying to contact your energy provider or a food place to book a table.

You would be surprised about how many users search up for you online just to find your contact details to show interest or for an enquiry.

Don’t lose out on trust or business for making a simple mistake as there’s nothing more annoying than finding it hard to contact someone!

3. Keep content up-to-date with new developments in your industry or product line

updating content for trust complx.co

Keep your content fresh and strengthen the trust you have built with your customers.

This can be done by adding something new that users will find valuable or interesting, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Updated services and products.

Make sure people are aware of what they’re paying for before making purchases online as well as how it might actually affect their everyday life.

Be open with them so that the trust is not broken!

For your social media and Google business account, you’re most likely updating vital info as you go along.

For example, if your opening hours have changed, or new styles within a certain product are out, as well as discount codes or newly available roles within your firm become available; keep that updated on your website as well!

4. Showcase testimonials from customers who are happy with your services or products

testimonial for trust complx.co

This can be done by using video or written testimonials on your website.

It is important to trust the people who trust you.

Therefore make sure that these are genuine customers of yours and they portray their experience as positive as possible.

You can also integrate Google reviews, reviews.io and trust pilot to your site for additional trust and transparency.

We are partnered with Trust Pilot so if you want to set up with them or integrate your existing account to your site, simply get in touch.

The sooner a user reads about the positive experience of your customers, and why you are more than everything else available, the more likely they are going to be convinced that it’s something worth looking at further.

You want them thinking ‘I really need this’.

5. Offer a money-back guarantee for people worried about making an expensive purchase online

money back guarantee trust complx.co

Customers want to know that they are offered a refund and safety if they purchase something expensive and genuine.

Especially when it is relating to products or services such as personal matters and health.

Of course, you will also ensure that you have terms of service, T&C’s and policies around it all to ensure you don’t make a loss over a terrible customer experience.

If you can reassure customers that there will be no risk to them, then they will trust the company behind it more.

This means their trust in your website is increased also.

6. Offer free initial consultations to prospective clients 

consultation How to build trust on your website complx.co

After you have filtered out warm leads and non-time wasting clients; why not organise a zoom call or face to face meeting?

This will give them that extra trust in who they are working with.

A consultation will allow them to express their vision or what they are looking for, and if you can reassure them those will be met

This will help you close them in even more!

Make sure this is clear on your website, and the call to action is also clear too!

Examples of this can be “Retrieve a free quote now” or “Call us now for a free consultation” etc.

7. Be transparent with pricing and services offered

transparency and how your website can build trust complx.co

Transparency in your prices is absolutely key to building trust.

If you don’t trust your product or service, why should a potential client?

It’s important to make sure there is no hidden agenda behind the price.

If a customer doesn’t know if something will cost them £500 or £5000, it automatically puts doubt in their mind and this can turn into fear.

This can ultimately lead to mistrust of your business.

Be clear with what they are going to get for their money so that trust is built from the beginning.

A good example would be: “We offer personal training programmes for just £249 per month”.

This makes it very straightforward for people who haven’t heard about personal training prices before.

On the other hand, if you prefer to not have pricing packages listed on your websites and they are solely quote based only, the least you can do is give an expected starting price so that users are aware of your rates and value.

This way of being transparent builds trust, especially if there are no hidden costs.

We can all vouch for the fact that hidden costs are an absolute nightmare.


If you feel like any of these tips didn’t resonate with what you were looking for, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can customise the perfect solution together!

We want every customer interaction to be a positive one – let’s work together and make it happen!

Get in touch for more advice on how to build trust on your website

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