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Is Email Marketing really worth it?

Email Marketing

Does email marketing still work?

One way of actually keeping in touch with your clients and allowing them to come back and buy from you, with up-to-date deals, info and offers is by using email marketing. 

If you think about it, businesses use emails every single day and so do your clients. Even for my business, we use email Marketing for educational purposes, packages and offers as well as having different categories for different types of clients. 

To keep your clients intact with your services, your branding and how your business works you need to think of creative ways to market your business through email sign-ups. 

This could be the latest offers on your services or products, it could be videos or blogs of education within your field or even simply a newsletter consisting of information and education about the latest trends that could somewhat benefit them. 

Email Marketing is not only for clients that have actually paid for your service before but it could be for unconverted leads that didn’t ever generate, but at least they are still there and you have their emails to actually keep your Brand in front of them weekly. 

Emails are even more powerful if you have different niches or a range of categories for your customers. 

When we look at our clients at complx.co, email marketing is successfully being used by almost 95% of our clients, especially those who take their business seriously and have a plan to grow their brand.

So, if you are uploading on social media, sending out regular messages to your WhatsApp contacts and groups or even posting regular blogs on your website, which are also amazing ways of keeping your audience up to date, don’t leave emails out because they are still very trendy, easy to personalise and probably one of the best ways to directly reach your audience. 

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