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Wix or WordPress: Which one is best for you?

Wix V.S Wordpress

Wix or WordPress?

The question ‘Wix or WordPress?’ is brought up every now and then, especially when people are starting up or designing the website for their own brand by themselves. 

There are two questions you need to ask yourself.

Firstly, What are you looking for? 

and Secondly, scalability (I.e What are your plans for the site in the future)

If you’re looking for a complete, simple front-end drag and drop platform which can get your site up and running within a week then Wix would be your preferred choice.

However, If you want to be able to add features that are not so simple, yet provide a huge variety of plugins and extensions to last 2-4 years; then WordPress will be the better option.

Below is a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of both, Wix and WordPress as a CMS – AKA a Content Management System


Easy, drag and drop systemIt doesn’t have much of a backend or further, advanced designs & functionalities
Affordable and quick to get startedHard for long-term growth, eventually it needs to move from that platform
Can be set up and launched within a week or soFor perfectionist type of touch-ups, everything is worked inch by inch especially when it comes to the mobile version (Time-consuming)
Has the features that a usual Start-up needsDoesn’t have a wide variety of plugins that be the missing jigsaw to your puzzle
Amazing support, especially with any technical errors etcThere are advanced codes needed for special features which could perhaps be done much simpler on WordPress

Now when it comes to WordPress:

The designs and branding (99% of the time) will always meet your end goalSetting up takes longer
Huge variety of themes and pluginsYou have to directly Contact theme support or plugin owners if there are any issues, so you have to rely on them
Most common CMS which means that most are satisfied with the platform.Could work out more costly as you pay for your domain name, hosting and SSL all separately
There are Never ending features and forums of ways to test and expand your business, lasting up to 3-5 years per websiteNot as simple and easy to use as Wix in terms of drag and drop, as the backend requires experience to deal with in order to become competent
It is Great for any type of website and industry, including eCommerceSecurity is a huge risk for many website owners because as it is the most widely used CMS, it makes it a prime target for cybercriminals and hacking.

To conclude this, our advice would be to consider your Tech Savviness along with your budget.

Then work out which option is better for you.

Perhaps you want to think about your costs first, or do half the job and allow an experienced web designer to finish off the rest for you in a professional manner.

Having created websites on both platforms, Wix and WordPress within our portfolio; we can safely say that both are amazing to work with and can vouch that they both serve their own purpose.

However we would much rather utilise and consider WordPress over Wix.

Contact us today for a WordPress or a Wix web design quote and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours!