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A New Era In Ecommerce For Vape Retailers And Brands

Vape CBD Retailer Brand

The rise of vaping

A lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs are tapping into the market as vaping is more popular than ever, with an estimated 10% of Americans using them and 2.7 million users in the UK. We make the lives of vape retailers and brands easier with our extensive knowledge and experience in designing and developing over 100 retailer and brand sites in vaping and CBD alone.

We have worked with vape & CBD brands such as Dr Vapes, Doozy Vape Co, Glow Juice, CBD Leaf & Leprechaun Liquids. Similarly, we have also worked with hundreds of vape & CBD retailers such as Switch Vapes, Manchester Vape man, The CBD Pharmers & QSS vape.

How to start an online vape retail store

Unfortunately, many of the vaping and CBD websites that we have revamped are for stores that didn’t have the greatest service, mainly due to really cheap pricing and poor labour. The vape industry is still young, and the eCommerce solutions available to vape brands and retailers to aim for scalability, credibility and increased conversions online is available at your fingertips by contacting us today!

complx.co provides unique website designs & branding options for vape and CBD retailers or brand owners. We offer multiple products & variant types and solutions of fewer clicks, quicker time and higher conversions on a vape eCommerce store from the homepage to the checkout.

eCommerce for the vape and CBD industry is a growing sector, so it’s important that your eCommerce store represents you as an individual business with unique branding & designs, such as logos and colours to match the theme of the website as an example.

We work directly with vape shops or vape businesses that want their own personalised vaping sites at genuine rates without any fuss! Let us handle all aspects from planning, designing and developing so you can focus on your core business while we do everything else for you!

What is the best eCommerce platform for a vape retailer or brand?

Simply put, this is differentiating between a brand and a retailer. If you’re a brand, and you are already established and feel limited to Shopify’s design and pages (thought custom HTML pages do the job too) then heading to Woocommerce or Laravel may be the best option. However, brands whether they are startups or not can still full well flourish using Shopify alone.

However, for retailers, it would be best to stick to Shopify only. This is because it has the sufficient features needed to convert those sales, advertise the range of products from e-liquids to pods and tanks and manage the large inventory of products and functionality of marketing for the website.

We want to make sure you have the best possible eCommerce solution, as we have the experience and great advice for whichever CMS or platform you choose to go ahead with. With our help, you could be up and running in no time with an online store that can grow as your business does. Ready? please fill out this form and submit it to be contacted within 24 hours during a weekday. Let’s get started!