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Your Website Is An Asset, Not A Liability

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Why your website is an asset

This blog will briefly explain to you why a website is an asset and not a liability.

It may seem obvious but a website that brings value, more revenue, traffic and awareness for your business is considered an investment. 

On the flip side, a website that has no purpose or true meaning to scale your brand, increase revenue or add value is just a liability or an additional expense. 

When you treat something like an investment, you will be serious about the pricing, the look, and the functionality of what benefits it can bring you. 

Only then you can really measure what purpose a 24/7 version of your venture can fulfil for you. 

If you calculate the cost of developing and implementing the website, and on the other side what return on the investment you will receive in the long run, and given the outcome that the revenue is MORE than what it cost you…

Voila! Your answer is right there in front of you. It definitely is an ASSET or INVESTMENT.

To make sure you have an Investment mindset for your website, you need to figure out your HOW?

How will you be more engaging? Perhaps a live chat or contact section.

How will you convert sales? You can showcase your products and services first.

How can you have people come back to your site? You can have an education section, case studies and blogs for people to retrieve vital info from!

How can you retrieve emails and mobile numbers? Maybe give away something for FREE or offer a special discount in exchange for their details as a lead magnet.

How can you make potential clients see your great work and previous experiences? A Portfolio and testimonials will do just that.

However if you are still not sure that a website will be an asset or a great investment, contact us today and we’ll help you calculate what a new website can do for your business.