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Why a Website Design Audit is Important For Your Current Website

Website design audit

Have you ever given your website a checkup? Also known as a Website design audit.

You may have never audited your website since it was created.

Perhaps it’s been a while since you planned a future redesign.

Giving your website an audit is the best time to reflect and anticipate how best to move your business forward.

It is vital to own a website, but even if your website is functional and looks OK, that doesn’t make it perfect.

A website audit will help you identify undiscovered flaws or weaknesses on your site and fix them before you lose out on business.

Taking on a website audit is essential to identify any web-related issues and take measures to rectify them in the best interest of your business.

It will help you determine whether your website is optimised partially or fully for search engines.

It is best to know if your website has broken links or files, the loading time, mobile and user-friendliness, as well as the status of the content.

Regular site audits are essential because they allow you to notice the traffic you are generating.

Driving traffic to your online business is more likely to help you increase sales and boost your business effectively.

Not considering auditing any of the issues on your website can lead to losing clients for your business.

Finding out issues that could hurt your business, in the long run, could determine if your online business would move forward or not.

In this blog we will explain the meaning of a website design audit and why we need our website audited.


In simple sentences, a website audit inspects your site’s total performance before optimising your website for design, functionality and at times,  search engine purposes.

A well-detailed website evaluation will help you understand why your site is not generating enough traffic, why your sales and conversation rates are not improving, what’s confusing your visitors, and what technical issues exist on your website.

Of course, locating such issues is only one part of the battle. The second part includes fixing them.

If you lack technical experience or want a professional job done, you may want to consider hiring our Website Auditing Service.


1. Improving Organic Search Visibility

You need to know that auditing helps your website improve its search engine rankings, thus promoting search visibility.

Most times, keywords initially used to rank a website might have been de-ranked without you knowing.

You need to understand your come and your competition, and then you can create an on-page SEO plan that will match the target keywords in specific areas of the content and code of the website.

If you do not tell the search engines what you are providing information on, how do you expect them to know what terms to serve you?

Within a website content audit, there should somewhat be research done on keyword discovery.

A website audit will pinpoint issues like missing page descriptions or alt text for images.

These essential things can affect your site’s performance on search engines, reducing your ranking if not fixed quickly.

2. Improves Your Site Performance

Website audits will pinpoint issues like pages that take too long to load. It not only discourages your visitors but can affect your ranking too.

A web page should load fast, especially as you can’t control the internet speed your potential customer has access to on their phone or other devices.

Your site performance will determine your improved revenue in the long run, especially conversion rates when it comes to a user’s patience.

3. To Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Responsive

Most buying decisions are completed with mobile devices nowadays.

Imagine you own a business that bakes cakes, and someone is in search of recommendations for a baker to make that quick birthday cake.

They post a message in their WhatsApp status, and someone shares a link to your site.

You’ve lost some potential business if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

A website audit would’ve pointed that out, giving you enough time to remedy the situation.

A responsive and mobile-optimised website will mean more traffic for your business.

4. For Increased Security And Privacy

You are responsible for keeping your customer data secure, and you can probably figure out what harm a security breach could do to your business.

Conducting a detailed audit of your online business will give you a picture of what you should prioritise to ensure your site is resilient and secure.

Online hackers and malware are increasing every day, and it is vital to conduct an audit to know the best possible means of protecting your business website and increasing the trust of your customers.

We also offer a website maintenance service, you can check that out to see if it is of any benefit to you.

5. Find Out Which Pages Are Getting High Traffic.

It’s helpful to know what content is performing better than others because you can make better decisions on investing your marketing budget and get some idea on how to improve the rest of your website content.

Knowing the exact pages that you are performing well on will help you pinpoint good keywords, your writing style, and even what audience you are attracting.

Optimised content for your website will help search engines properly crawl and index your website for optimal results.

6. It Identifies Problems

An audit is essential for pinpointing issues you might have ignored, like slow site loads, broken images, and difficult navigation.

It can help you find opportunities to boost your SEO and set up a perfect customer acquisition strategy.

Identifying your website problems would help you identify pitfalls in your business and help you suggest methods to improve your website.

7. It Promotes Your Brand Better.

An eCommerce site audit provides you with a better picture of your brand.

It gives you a detailed analysis of your customers.

It also assists you in understanding who your customers are, understanding your product-market fit, and identifying their current performance as an eCommerce business.

In the process, you can also know where you stand compared to your competitors and skyrocket your position in the market.

This is an example of a website we have audited.

So What Can You Learn From A Website Design Audit?

Some improvements are cleaning up your pages, fixing broken links, removing unnecessary scripts and stylesheets, and correcting defective code.

Others that require modifications could be on the server side, such as upgrading your hosting or introducing a CDN may give your site the boost it needs.

Once you’ve got genuine facts on your site’s performance, you know where to place your efforts.

With a few fundamental changes, you should be able to get more traffic, faster page load times, lesser disruptions, and an improved user experience.

Good site performance would keep your customers happy, contributing to online business success.

Overall, a detailed website audit works to your business’s advantage.

Your site will always grow in traffic and website rankings and ultimately improve your return on investment (ROI).

Website audit solutions offer everything you need to know about monitoring and maintaining your website.

Getting a professional website auditor is very important in the auditing process.

A professional auditor will thoroughly scan your website for you and help you suggest pitfalls you must avoid and solve problems discovered during the auditing process.

A website audit answers questions about where to optimise, what to optimise, and the target client to optimise for (based on your competitor’s analysis).

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