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This is why you shouldn’t penny pinch when paying for a website

Penny pinch website design

Don’t penny-pinch when paying for websites!

In this blog, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t be a penny-pinch when paying for a website.

Almost every single buyer in the world compares prices and quotes.

Web design has its own breed too.

When looking for a website, a client often asks ‘how much would it roughly cost’.

They would ask this before giving sufficient detailed info in order to retrieve a quote.

In this industry, it is very hard and rare to actually give a ‘rough’ quote before looking at the requirements of a given client.

However, the way we do so at complx.co is by telling the client that they’ll be spending no less or more than XYZ in total.

Being a skinflint when it comes to your website is probably the worse path to go down.

The reason being is undervaluing a web design service for YOUR BRAND means that you are indirectly undervaluing your business.

Web designers and agencies go through masses of work to ensure that they deliver what is needed for your business.

This starts at the very first consultation, from the wireframing and design of the website all the way to the final revisions.

If you value your brand and the service you provide to your customers, then it’s important that you also value the pricing structure your web designer has.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be ripped off, therefore our tip is to ask for a breakdown of pricing.

Right from the hosting, to the design and development cost and then the maintenance plan thereafter.

We hope this allows you to see the value your web developer can bring you as well as to avoid a penny-pinching mentality.

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