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Leprechaun Liquids | Premium Vape Brand

Vape brand web design complx.co

Vaping eCommerce web design & development for a premium vape brand based in Kent

Vaping eCommerce web design & development for Leprechaun Liquids & Leprechaun Liquids wholesale ☘️  based in Kent. Leprechaun Liquids have the primary aim which is to provide ‘Grand Tastin’ Vapes that will have you jigging all the way home!’ Check out their brand site  www.leprechaunliquids.com Check out their wholesale site www.leprechaunliquidswholesale.co.uk  

Some of the main website features:

  • Language translator
  • Slider banners
  • Masonry dynamic banners
  • HTML grid banners
  • Custom % design ribbon for x for x deals
  • Multi variations
  • Quantity break deals
  • Gif integrations on Shortfills
  • Custom page title areas with gifs

Leprechaun Liquids complx.co web design   Leprehcaun liquids complx.co

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