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Muscle Machine Gym | Leaflet design

Muscle Machine Gym Leaflet design

A leaflet design for Muscle Machine Gym based in Leicester.

The gym leaflet design contains contrasting colours such as red, blue and black making it eye-catching.

The logo ‘Muscle Machine Gym’ is prioritised at the top of the page in white to contrast the black background.

These colours are also about the gym’s colours as seen in the images.

The headline has been designed to stand out with extensive bold writing and colour transitions through each word making the text easier to read.

The primary image signifies the gym’s meaning which can motivate viewers to attend.

All important information has been placed at the bottom in white text with a blue background so that it can’t be miss read.

Viewers have been provided with all information to check the gym out and get in contact for further information.

Capital letters have also been consistently used throughout the design.

Muscle Machine Gym Leaflet design

On the back side of the leaflet, the design has also been kept consistent with the black background allowing all the content to pop up and stand out.

The page is filled with important information about the gym such as opening hours, memberships and images.

All of our leaflet designs are adapted to the brand/business identity to be represented in the right way.

Contact us today for a bespoke gym leaflet design.

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