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Kaloneu | Product Label Design

Kaloneu complx.co design

Skincare makeup label design in Leeds

Makeup product label design for a skincare product business based in Leeds @kaloneu

An amazing glow serum for multipurpose use such as a makeup base, oil cleanser & facial serum.

The results and customer reviews support the outstanding quality of this cosmetic product.

The client requested a Tumblr boxed, plain white & black design to maintain the brand, logo and purpose – simple, clear & efficient.

Skincare Label Design complx.co

Our design, which assisted them to push their brand further had appeared on Vogue’s Fashion magazine twice in 2019 Vogue magazine Design complx.co Vogue product label design complx.co

We also designed a product label for their Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Face Mask

Face mask label design

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