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Charity website design

Charity Website Design for Al Barkat Welfare Trust based in Leicester

Al Barkat Welfare Trust was essentially a unique and dedicated charity website design project that took around 9 weeks to complete from start to end.

This website was a revamp of the previous site they had been using for quite a few years prior, and they reached out to us via a Google reviews search for a redesign.

Moreover, wanted to scale and grow to the next level in the ever-evolving online world. So a consultation was required to find the common ground and core details.

Custom website features:

  • Custom donation forms
  • Banner designs to reinforce quick calls to actions
  • World view projects for better user engagement
  • Sticky footer quick donate banner
  • Great use of branding, colours, fonts, icons & illustrations resulting in a ‘WOW’ refurbishment
  • A fully developed Zakat calculator which is very handy for donors who want to calculate their Zaka’ah.
  • Search bar & gift aid enable
  • Donor payment security
  • Appeals (Live, past and upcoming)
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Custom volunteer form & organisation fundraising form

Client Testimonial:

“After looking across the web for a web developer for a charity website revamp project, I came across this firm. This firm stood out from others due to its professionalism, friendliness, price on work as well as the reassurance from many other client reviews.

We went ahead with the work, and Suly, who conducts himself to a very high standard, was always there for support and to answer any questions.

Suly went beyond and delivered the project exceptionally and meeting the requirements. Our whole team was very pleased, and we can definitely recommend complx.co to anyone looking for a web developer.”

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