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New Business: Crawl Before You Walk

Crawl Before You Walk

If we put our fairytales and ego to one side, we’ll save ourselves a hell of a lot of time. 

The reason being is, that when it comes to our website and any online platforms, many of us get overly excited within our venture that our main focus begins to be 10 years down the line, rather than concentrating on the quick wins we can get now (or the low hanging fruit as some say) to get our business up and running in the right direction.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t dream big. 

Simply put, we need to wear the right shoes that fit at this moment in time and act upon the beneficial gains and small steps before reaching for the huge milestones!

An example could be that when you are thinking of ideas about how your startup business website should look like, you’re thinking about features and advancements for things that won’t be needed within your first year. You end up losing focus on what the main goal and priority of the site is before it’s ready to get to the next level.

Try and avoid this overly buzzing moment that can often take over many of your early days as it will most likely drain your energy, time, and of course money, which as professionals is really valuable to us. 

Dream big and note down your plans but focus on your NOW and near future that will take you to that next big step.