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Why a content sheet is important for website requirements & your project

Content Sheet for website requirements

Why website content is important

So, you have decided on your web developer, agreed on the price, and even chosen the theme.. so what’s next?

Well, you’ll need some content to go on the website. You can have the best-looking website in the world but if you do not have any relevant, engaging and informative content then your website is just like a shop with no inventory to sell.

Having your content ready at the get go is key to making sure your website is designed, developed and ready to show the world on time. Examples of important content are:

  • Your contact info and (mobile number, email, socials) without this, there is nothing to be placed on the header, footer and contact page.
  • Banner designs across your homepage which could be a coupon code or best selling products,
  • Written info/images such as ‘how it works’ or pricing packages of services that you offer to go on relevant pages.

Without these, a web designer will have nothing to start with, because your content is literally the blueprints that put the whole project together in order to get the desired end product. 

Don’t worry about other small info such as your website’s USPs, or your team pictures and profile info. 

That can be sent after the project starts or sometime within the middle of it. But to have the most seamless journey, it is always best to have all of your content ready before making a start.

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