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We can’t give a rough answer to how much a website costs as every client has different requirements, and each project has its own scope. What we do offer is a rough quote. This means that we can tell you what price range you’ll be paying based on your requirements or giving examples of prices from websites in our portfolio. Our website design and development services start at £1,250.

You can view our starting prices on our Investment page. The best way to find out a price is to contact us for a quotation.

Similar to the answer above, it all depends on the longevity and scope of the project. Simple websites for example take from 10 days to 2 weeks. For other, bigger projects; you can expect from 1-6 months. The most important part regarding turnaround time is the cooperation you have with us, in terms of responses and content that we need from you.

There are no hidden costs. We establish what prices you pay to us and what you’ll be paying at the beginning and end, including any external plugins or separate tasks. We also give you a breadkwon of what you’ll be paying for annually (Hosting, domain etc) or monthly if you’re on our maintenance/management package. Transparency is one of our USPs here at complx.co – so there is no need to worry about any random charges or subscriptions.

These are a numerical order of changes to an initially presented, in-progress, completed design or development concept/final piece. These changes are typically a variety of less than 1/4 of the design. A revision is simply meant to be a slight modification, fix or course-polished correction to progress toward the final design or reach that 100% satisfied mark. Revisions can include the changes of colours, sizing of designs and images, text alterations, placements and much more similar to the ones given.

Revisions are only worked on when sent in one document/message as it is hard to track separate messages and images. We carry out 2 rounds of revisions at the end of each project. If in any way more revisions are requested after the 2 rounds, there will be a fee for extra time and effort calculated. That is why the first 2 rounds of revisions are included in the initial price.

For more information about revisions, check out our video on it here

Yes, you can manage your website depending on your knowledge and understanding of whatever platform you are using. However, if it requires skills outside of what you already know then it is best that you contact us for that in regards to maintenance & management.

If you have the time and willpower to do it yourself then that is completely fine but we will not have any responsibility if anything goes wrong within the security and files of the website. Moreover, you can contact us regarding our monthly maintenance and management packages

Our portfolio section consists of our hand-picked projects to show some diversity. However, we have many more sites to show if you just request them via email. We can send you URL’s, images and other examples.

We build most of our websites on WordPress & Shopify. We also build advanced custom systems & websites using Laravel, Vue.js and other Frameworks. Contact us today to find out which CMS and platform your business fits best!

We do not work with any of these industries:

  • Alcohol, bars & breweries
  • Pornography/Escort,
  • Sex toys & adult products
  • Human rights violations/racial discriminatory movements
  • Gore
  • Gambling/lottery
  • Interest
  • Music

For the non-unethical industries above, we can recommend you to other agencies or freelancers to carry out the work for you.