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Do you REALLY need a website for your business?

Do you really need a website?

Do you really need a website when you have a business?

When designing and developing sites for clients, we always ask them “What can a website provider be for your business.”

You might be surprised to hear me say it but, if it isn’t required at the start of your venture, then it is advised to not have one just yet. 

If the goal is to sell a product or service…great! If it is for education…amazing! Credibility and value? perfect!

However, some people look into getting a website designed just expecting it to bring clients without actually having a marketing plan or providing value to their audiences. 

If you’re a PT or online coach that has a website, this is how you should market it:

“Hey here is my Instagram page, these are my workouts but did you know that my website has all of the testimonials for client’s that were given exclusive one to one sessions, here is the link”

“Did you know there is an eBook and course on my website that can help you gain muscle within XYZ number of months… currently it is 50% off!”

Websites are only useful if the traffic is actively brought by yourself, via social media, SEO, Paid Advertising etc, which is long-term and for the latter.

My best advice is to work backwards, so imagine you have 50 paying clients, then website, then marketing, then make your content, then create your brand.

If you plan it this way, you’ll have a Eureka moment on your ‘Why’ and then once you have that you can be assured that you NEED a website and the timeline of when and how. ?

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